Alice Garden Cafe & Resto Bar: Japanese with a Twist


After the fun wine experience at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, I got an invitation for food tasting. All I ever heard is that it was a Japanese restaurant and my (non-existent) japanese self just can’t say no to that offer so I went. When I arrived, my awesome blogger and vlogger friends are already having a chitchat at the conference room. Vibe-wise, the place is really peaceful and lowkey, I like it. I specifically like the dim lights. After a few minutes, they then started serving food.

Italian Salad with Caesar Dressing


It is my belief that in salads, it will always be the dressing that you will need to look forward to aside from the freshness of the vegetables themselves. It this particular salad, the Caesar dressing definitely made its impact. The smooth and sour-y taste of the sauce complements well with the crunchy freshness of the greens. I also like how thin the carrots are sliced that makes it easier to chew. There is also that ham or spam slices that adds a little twist to the whole salad. It definitely is a new taste for me as I haven’t tried a salad like it yet. I will give this a 4/5 rate considering that I like salads. However, I won’t recommend it for non-salad lovers cause you might not eat it and I don’t want a good salad to go to waste just like that. Hahaha!

BBQ Set with Original Sauce


What I like about this dish is that the presentation alone of the BBQ Set will already make you drool. I like how they separate the main ingredients by adding corn slices in the middle. It find it very creative. The plus side of this kind of presentation is that you will already have an expected taste of the dish just by noticing what ingredients were used. What makes it even more interesting is that despite knowing the ingredients, it will still make you even be more amazed once you taste it because you already have this tiny expectation that tells you “since they are using this ingredient, it should taste like this” but ends up in awe because once you put it in your mouth, you will be caught off guard by the spices that was not visible to your eyes. The original sauce gives it a close-to-the-heart taste since most of us Filipinos love barbecue. I will definitely recommend this as a starter for those of you who wants to try dining here.

Tarako Pasta


By far this is my most favorite of all the dishes that was served to us. I know for most filipinos, a pasta is a little bland and less attractive. Do you know what triggered those perspective? SPAGHETTI! Filipinos love spaghetti. It is because of the bright color of a spag that makes pasta a little less interesting to pinoys. We are so used to seeing bright colored strands on our plates that we dismiss the possibility of a nude colored pasta to be tasty. What I like about this pasta is that it uses roes or fish eggs as one of its ingredients. And as someone who loves sushi (a food that also uses roes as its ingredients) this is already a default 5/5 to me. I like the slight stickiness of the sauce that makes it easier to get with a fork. I also like the sandy texture that the roes give to the overall feel of the pasta. The addition of nori in the whole dish makes it complete. It adds this certain flavor that makes me want to just shove it all in to my mouth.

Seafood in Olive Oil Pasta


After reading my  review on Tarako Pasta, you probably realized by now that I’m a seafood lover. Yes! I am a seafood lover. It is just sad that there are a lot of people who are allergic to seafood like crabs or shrimp. I personally think they really miss a lot in life. Unlike most meat, the flavors you can get from seafood is almost boundless. Fishes alone have different taste from other fishes but chicken will always be chicken as to pork will always be pork. The thing I specifically like on this one is how the main ingredients are cut. They are presented in tidbits that is just enough for a mouth. You won’t need to cut it or spend a good 5 minutes chewing just to swallow it. It is bite-size and easy to eat.


As of the writing of this review, some parts of the Cafe is currently undergoing on a renovation. They owner, Shinjiro Takeishi, is extending the shop upwards by adding a second floor at the top of their karaoke room. Shinjiro-san said that the renovation might be finished by the end of March so that is definitely something that we need to look forward to.

Extra Feats

open dining


The cafe have a conferences room that can be rented for meetings. They also a karaoke/game room which at moment is still maintenance due to the renovation. They also have open area dining which is ideal if you just want to have a peaceful dinner with your date. The cafe in general is a Japanese-Italian fusion inspired that also offers Filipino food. It explains a lot while they offer pasta and salads which you will rarely see if you go to regular japanese restaurants.


Alice Garden Cafe and Resto Bar is found at Wilson St, Apas, Cebu City near Camp Lapu Lapu, Central Command Entrance. The street alone is filled with restaurants so you will definitely have a good time visiting there.

For more information, please contact Alice Garden Cafe and Resto Bar at (032) 414 5316 or visit their Official Facebook page.


If you already have visited the place, let me know what are you thoughts about it. I’m curious of what your favorite dish would be. Haha!


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