Who is hishiddenletters?

He is a cebu-based software automation test engineer, aspiring writer, aspiring songwriter and a traveler. This blog is a compilation of all his works with his endless struggle of gaining more knowledge.

His friends call him Sean Soliven (short for Sherwin Ian Soliven), existing for about 23 years and counting. He studied at Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro and graduated with a degree of Bachelor in Science in Computer Science.

Guitar (I can play that instrument)
Eels (I like eels. They are yummy.)
True Stories (One genre of movies that I like)

Trading Gifts (I like trading gifts with friends)
Order (I like my stuffs to be in order)

Knowledge (I have an insatiable hunger for it)
New Zealand (I like to visit this place someday)
Ohayou! (I want to live in Japan)
Words (I fancy words)

Hot Springs (Favorite destination)
IU (or Lee Ji-eun, forever crush! Haha!)
Museums (I like to go to these places)

Mountains (I like to camp on mountains and high places)
Obelisk (One of my favorite words)
Raisins (The source of my trust issues)
Emergency Funds (I’m currently saving for it)