Feline Paradise: Cat Cafe Ph

Hola! Hola! Buenas dias, amigo, amiga!

Yes, you got that right. For the time being, let’s set aside all those stress and enjoy a 15 minute good read for one of the best stress relieving experience – yes, cat cafes.

Cat Cafe History

Cat cafes has been one of the most booming cafe themes in the world. It’s root started in Taipei, Taiwan that attracts tourist from around the world. But it wasn’t until it was adapted in Japan that the cat cafe theme starts to blossom. The first cat cafe was named “Cat Flower Garden”.  – Wikipedia

Nekokaigi – a small cat cafe in Kyoto, Japan


Without further ado, I’d like to introduce one of the cat cafes in the Philippines which is located in Cebu city – Cat Cafe Ph.


Cat Handling Guidelines

For those who aren’t so familiar with cats, they actually have some no-no areas that you should not touch or else you will end up with a scratch. Scary eh? Naaah! You just need to know their soft spot and then poof, that’s where the magic happens. (Insert wink here)

Cat Cafe Menu

They serve affordable salads, finger food and tasty desserts, shakes and frappes.


The cafe have two rooms. The first room is there main where they serve food and where the staffs are found and the main cat’s room where more cats can be found.

First Room

This is where the customers are first entertained. This is the room where they will take your orders. There are also cats here but only a few.

Photo by: www.geemiz.com

Photo by: www.danexg.weebly.com

As you can see, they have wooden tables and wooden chairs and those cool green foams. It is very Instagram-friendly for those who likes to take photos. Plus the staffs are nice too, friendly and very accommodating.

Second Room

The cat’s room. This is where most of the cats are found. It is just 6 steps from the away from the first room. On the contrary, this room have bean bags as chairs (which I really like, it allows you to get closer to the cat since you’re like almost sitting on the floor) and of course, more cats.

Noted: When entering the second room, you also need to leave your shoes and slippers at the shoe rack.

My Stay – Quality Time with Feline Friends

I got there at around 2PM and it is nice because there are no other customers yet (until 3PM when a couple arrived). At the walls, you’ll see the names of the cats and their selfies.

42113 - Copy


And of course there’s my food! Hahaha! I ordered a Tuna Sandwich and Chocolate Mocha Frappe. Nomnomnom~!

23 - Copy

Samurai’s the friendliest. Yep, he’s the black one on the table at my food photo. Hahaha! Though he’s the friendliest, he likes to nap. (Actually, all of them do. Hahaha! Maybe because of the time. I went there when its their nap time. Poor me.)


Personally, my best bet is Chong.He’s the fluffiest of them all. What I like about this kiddo is that he picks who he allows to touch him and he likes me. Hahaha! He actually likes to stay near me and let me rub his back while he curls from all the pleasure of being petted. Such a baby. Hahaha!


I also like Lola despite having a very common colored fur. (My fave is actually silver and gray. Hahaha! Yes, I have fur color preference. Sorry! Hahaha!) Now what I like about this baby is that she’s also fluffy despite the size. Chong is still bigger and fluffier but she’s the cute size that most kid wants plus the ribbon. She’s a cutie.


I also like Smoke’s baby kitty but I don’t want to touch it because I might get some fresh scratch from protective mommy so yeah, I just end up loving baby kitty from a far.

I stayed there until around 5:50PM and bid my farewell. It wouldn’t be the last though since I’m quite positive that I’ll be visiting them again soon enough.


Cat Cafe Ph are located in Guadalupe, Cebu City. Near Villa Fatima Subdivision. From Cebu Provincial Capitol, you can ride a 12L (Labangon bound) jeep and stop at the V Rama Ave. There is a Chowking near the crossing for landmarks.

They also launch a new branch at SM Seaside this September 2016. Their new branch is located in the Skypark of SM Seaside City Cebu.

Shop Schedule

They are open from Monday to Saturday, 12 noon to 10PM.
Contact: (032) 416 0393
Facebook Page: Cat Cafe Ph

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