Nataasan Beach Resort: A Sipalay Must Visit

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Nataasan is one of the recommended resorts by the locals in Sipalay that only few guest have heard of. It is a 10-15 minutes ride from the market and a tad further compared to the well-known Perth. They offer a variety of rooms that features the magnificent views ranging from poolside veranda to ocean view cliffs. The resort is covered with greens that will make you wonder if it was really a resort or a garden.




orchid 1

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The accommodation they offer includes hotel type rooms near the pool and hut type rooms around the side of the cliffs and near the entrance. They also offer parking lots which in other resorts is very scarce. It has good ambiance and a clean surrounding. The staffs are also very accommodating and very friendly.



In the morning, it offers a close to the heart atmosphere at the reception area that is quite common to filipino traditional households. The pathways are well-maintained. The place is surrounded by greens and flowers that is very instagram-friendly for those people who likes to take photos of plants.


pool at night

In the evening, the interesting bar near the poolside is an eye-catcher along with its dim lights and chairs that are actually inside the pool. The food is bit expensive but is quite common to most resorts compared to what you can get from the restaurants and eateries near the market area. However, the servings large and the food itself is great. We definitely enjoyed our evening on their outdoor dining area which is quite close to the poolside.

Checking in


We checked in to one of their bungalow room that offers a nice ocean view and a bamboo/nature-y  theme. The air conditioning and the maintenance of the room is in mint condition and the towels are all fresh and clean. They also have shelves and hangers inside the room. There are two layers of sliding windows that is a net and a glass which you can open in instances where you prefer fresh air than air conditioning.



They also offer island hopping packages. On the right side of the elevated resort is the stairs the leads you to the shore where you can enjoy a stroll on the sand or play volleyball with friends. The shore line is wide and is very ideal for sandy pictorials or just for wide angle shots that make the neighboring islands and the floating boats/bangkas very visible.


sunset 1

sunset 2

I also witnessed one of the best sunsets I have ever seen so far during our stay here. It was after I went for quick dip in the pool when I noticed the orange-y light at the back of our room and when I checked it out, this is what I saw.

sunset 3

Our stay at Nataasan is definitely something I would never forget. There are still a lot of things that they offer that we haven’t tried yet and this is a place I will definitely visit again when I go back to Sipalay.


    1. Yeah bro. This is that time when we only realized that Negros was on signal number 1 after we arrived at Sibulan Port. Hahaha! We got stranded for a few hours on our way back but it wasn’t really raining hard during our stay at Sipalay.

    1. I second you on that irony. Hahaha! I’m from Cagayan de Oro and I haven’t tried white water rafting yet. I guess we take for granted those things that are just always accessible to us? (No hugot intended Hahaha) By the way, thanks for checking out my post.

  1. Glorious sunset! It’s my first time to hear about this resort although I haven’t been to Sipalay yet. Love the poolside. It reminds me of something similar from my hometown and I loved the vibe there so perhaps I’d love this one too.

  2. Wow, I remember El Nido, Palawan because of the long shore line in the ocean view picture. Such stunning place, I must say, specially the sunset!

  3. You had me at that glorious pic of the poolside. Very native and modern at the same time. Do you happen to know (or still remember) the rates of their rooms? I would LOVE to visit this beautiful retreat one of these days.

  4. Is Sipalay far away from Dumaguete? Which is farther from Sipalay, Dumaguete or Bacolod? Hehe.

    Well, Sipalay has a lot to offer to tourists and locals alike and Nataasan is one of those. I hope I can visit all the islets in Sipalay soon.

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