Poetry Night: A Literature Haven

My friends call you bitch
but I totally disagree.
Cause dogs are loyal,
and you cheated on me.
written by a guy that got cheated by his girlfriend

Witty and catchy, isn’t it?

That is just one line of the all the pieces that was in every poetry night at Coffee Prince Cebu. Every first and third thursday of the month, Coffee Prince Cebu is hosting a poetry night open mic for all the guest who would like to share their thoughts, emotions and point of views to a variety of topics to their heart’s content.

There is a default theme at every poetry night schedule that ranges from heartbreaks to joyous feelings, however, everyone is welcome to present their piece. It is usually held outside of the cafe at the open corner in front of the cafe’s entrance but if it is raining, it will be moved to the second floor of the cafe or re-scheduled to another date.

The audience is a diversity of high school students, college students and even young professionals. Everybody is encouraged to present a piece may it be their own original piece or made by someone else as long as the original owner is mentioned or credited.

The languages used in the pieces ranges from Bisaya, Tagalog and English; some are even a mixture of two language which I find very funny and creative. Guest who presents in front will receive coupons that offer discounts on your next purchase.

No entrance fee or any purchase needed for people who will go there just to enjoy the night, however, the seats are limited so you might want to get there early so you can settle down before all the seats are taken.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go! I hope to see you next poetry night!

Some of the catchy lines from Poetry Night

I meet people everyday asking..
I mean, I meet new people everyday asking..
“bai, kaila ka ana niya?”
And I was like
“o, bigaon mana siya”

The bitterness in this guy’s piece is sooo solid I think my ears hit a wall. Hahaha! And to think that the guy was not even a Filipino (or even a pure Filipino for that matter) but he speaks bisaya like a native. I’ve never been so impressed. Hahaha!

The next one is from a girl who got friendzoned and it goes like this:

Pero ang tanan taman ra sa sure ba
Sure ba nga gusto ko niya?
Sure ba nga naay something mi duha?
Pwede masure na?
Gakahadlok nako
Kay pati si mama apil na gapangutana
Pero di ko katubag
Daun muingon lang si papa og
Sagdi nalang gud na siya
Atleast naa

Then baaam! After that last line, the crowd went wild. Hahaha! I never really thought people can be so caught up with words that are so simple, words that are so familiar, you can almost call it home. Hahaha!

Plus there is this one girl who got rejected cause ..

Why do he have to love boys,
when I have a vagina.

Damn straight! Hahaha! I know I shouldn’t be laughing cause that was someone else’s heartbreak but heck, her choice of word was on point.

And then we go to this,

Kung unsa ka kabright sa klase,
inanha sad ka kabogo sa gugma.

See how people who presents at every poetry night are so good in making words tangible things that you can almost taste their emotion like Coffee Prince’s tasty sandwich.

Sa paglabay sa panahon,
hinay hinay pud nakong nalimtan.
Ang kabaga sa imong nawong,
ug ang kasakit sa akong dughan.
Oh ayaw nagtingog ha
kay ikaw baya ang hinungdan.

While we have savage on point lines, they also do subtle but face-slapping lines like this one. The humor is so good on this piece and the bitterness is subtle but nonetheless still painful. Haha!

And of course we have the all-time favorite lines that comes every now and then:

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
My poetry sucks,
And its all thanks to you!

Note: All credits goes to the respective owner of these pieces.

Poetry Night Schedule
Date: Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the Month
Time: 7pm – 10pm

Facebook page: Coffee Prince Cebu
Location: Osmeña Blvd. Cebu City, Philippines
Contact Details: 263-5277

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  1. Wow, So this is the poetry night of Coffee Prince! I’ve been wanting to join the last session but I was hesitant because I have really no idea what will happen. Thanks for sharing! I think I should attend the next or the other next poetry night(s) 🙂

    1. You should check it out. It is really a fun experience. Everyone is so talented and their range of humor varies so much. If you are a fan of word plays then this is definitely a good place for you to just chill down from work. There is a valentine special tomorrow, February 9. And in case if you are hesitant on going, I can keep you company so you won’t get overwhelmed too much. I have been inviting my friends but I guess not all people are big fan of words and a lowkey chill setup. Haha!

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