Red Lizard Taqueria: Good Food, Cooked Fast

I know you are probably tired of fast foods. Almost everywhere you look at today, there will always be a fast food at one corner. If you haven’t heard it yet, there is a new restaurant in town called Red Lizard Taqueria. It is one of The Abaca Group’s restaurants. Despite how it looks, it actually offers very affordable food with high quality ingredients. And no, the food are not prepared prior to your order. They are cooked upon order which makes it even more tasty so it is definitely guaranteed that the food you are eating are fresh and hot.

The objective of Red Lizard is actually quite straightforward, to cooked slow food fast. It’s a fast-casual restaurant. Although the service is fast, they make sure not to sacrifice the quality of the food.


What I like the most about the restaurant’s interior are the chandeliers and the big “tacos” light. I’m really a big fan of fancy lighting. It gives me that layback feel despite the fact that the “tacos” light reminds me of Vegas. Hahaha! They also have these huge canvas with a lot of illustrations in it. I’m not really quite familiar with the characters but they seems to be doing wrestling. Lol


We were able to try some of their favorites and these are my reviews.

Homemade Masa Chips (Gluten-free)

At the price of Php 69.00, you can already enjoy tasty, gluten-free chips. You can also add delicious dips at Php 59/89/139.00! We had the Creamy Texas Style Queso and good God it was good. It was by far my most favorite of all the food we’ve tried. And guess, it was just a dip! Hahaha!

Quesadillas (Chicken/Chorizo/Carnitas)

I’m a big fan of quesadillas. We usually order this when my squad decides to eat out. However, we were only used to just getting only cheese with our quesadillas. It was my first time to eat it with stuffed peppers and it was gooood. You can get this babies at Php 199.00.

Nachos Machos – Made to order masa chips with a heaping portion of Texas Style queso, refried beans, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, salsa roja, sour cream, and pickled jalapeños. Php 199 (add taco beef and it’s Php 239)

Los Tacos Originales (2 per order)

Made by adding crispy corn tacos with homemade beef taco filling, iceberg lettuce, queso fundido, and salsa roja, this my second favorite of all. The crunchy taco complements the soft and creamy filling. I was used to eating soft tacos so this was definitely new to me. You can get them at Php 159.00.


They offer a variety of drinks that includes soft drinks, margaritas, mojitos and imported beer.

Location and Contacts

Filinvest Bldg, Cebu IT Park beside the new Jollibee
Office hours at 11am-12midnight (Sunday-Thursday)
Office hours at 11am-1am (Friday & Saturday)
Contact number: (032) 233-9879
Facebook Page: Red Lizard Ph

They will open more branches soon (one in Ayala, and another in Robinson’s Galleria)!


  1. Masa chips and the dip!! Soooo goood. I’m actually craving right now so I need to be back there soon. Ah maybe later. Haha. I also love the big Tacos sign and the wall art!

  2. I’m not a super fan of tacos kase rice meal yung gusto ko, nyahaha. Anyways, looking at the price, foods are affordable in my wallet and looking at your faces, you all look satisfied on what you are eating. So, ma try nga next time, lels.

  3. I like my quesadillas savory and super cheesy, and the only version that’s managed to achieve that is the one at Taco’s. I still have to give Red Lizard’s quesa a try though. But knowing that it’s under the umbrella of The Abaca Group, Im pretty sure their version will not disappoint.

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