Tinagong Dagat Island Resort: Hidden No More


“Why go island hop when you can go island walk?”

This is the first thought (or joke) that came up to my mind when we went to Tinagong Dagat. Unlike most island hopping that I have been through, we didn’t ride a boat/bangka on this specific trip. Instead, we walked and walked and walked. Can you imagine now where I’m going with that joke? Hahaha!

Some of the islets in this resort are connected by wooden bridges. Most of them are made by bamboos. The only exception is the longest bridge that have a cement foundation at the center. It was probably made for safety measures. At the middle of the two cemented ends is a bridge with wooden steps supported by thick rope knots. You can commonly see a similar bridge at obstacle courses or parks that is used in games like amazing race.




On one of the larger islets, there is a place they call the deck. The deck offers a great overview of the islets and a fun trek going up. There are several spots available where you can go sight seeing from different sides of the islet. The deck, being on top, gives you a wider view of the surrounding islets. It also have benches and railings that is quite photo-friendly.


“This looks like a setting for a medieval korean drama. Like a introduction shot of some sort where the main cast is running away from bandits or something.”

That was my first impression of the scenic view when I arrived at the deck. The red building just catches your eyes because it shines from all the green things that surrounds it. It also looks like the kind of building you see in medieval korean movies. I personally think this is quite a good setup for shooting those kind of films. Hahaha!



On the other side, it displays a lot of islets ranging from big to small. While looking at all of them from a distance, I think they are more like chocolate hills surrounded by water but that was just me being all funny and stuffs. Hahaha!

Stairway to the Deck


Honestly, I really like the place. It is clean and well-maintained. I didn’t see any garbage just littering around the area. The deck have trash cans and I think the place is being maintained by the people who lives there. I actually don’t know what is the arrange between the resort and the people in the area but there are actually people living in the islets that are not guest. I mean, they really live there and just imagine how cool that is.




Also, the resort offers infinity pools which are located at the side of the islets. But I think we run out of luck because they were dry when we were there. I guess it was because the area was on signal number 1 and maybe the pools are up for cleaning. On the side note, just watching the sides of the island is already worth it. The pathways, the sides of the island and even the huts are a must see.






obligatory picture

How to get there

From Sipalay Public Market, you can hire a tricycle going to Tinagong Dagat Island Resort. The travel time is around 10-20 minutes and the fare is 100 pesos one-way. However, our starting point was at Nataasan Beach Resort and we were on our way back to Sipalay Public Market when we decided to visit Tinagong Dagat. We just told the tricycle driver to stop by since Tinagong Dagat was in the middle of Nataasan Beach Resort and Sipalay Public Market.

Entrance Fee

Sight-seeing is free for guest who will stay in the resort and it will cost 30 pesos for walk-in guest.



    1. You’ll probably need 2 days to actually enjoy your stay there if you are planning to go by land. Our visit was actually quite limited since the weather was not so good when we went there. It would have been nice if we were able to go kayaking around the islets. 🙁

  1. Wooow, beautiful place! I like the idea of island walking. LOL! And bridges are always fascinating to me. I’m glad that the place is well-maintained and clean. With so many places in my travel list, I am not quite sure when I can visit but when opportunity comes, I’d love to go.

    1. I think from Bacolod you just need to get on a bus going to Sipalay. The bus will take short stop at Sipalay Public Market. From there, you just need to take a tricycle going to Tinagong Dagat. 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous! I would have wanted to go with you all after our Tuburan trip but I had to catch up some work. Tsk tsk. Hopefully I can visit this place this year. 🙂

  3. Idyllic. That’s the very first thing that came to my mind upon seeing the pictures. If I visit the place, I’d prolly spend most of the time taking pics on the deck or walking on that appealing bridge haha.

  4. Murag dili ka tantong fan ug korean movies noh? Hahaha! The place looks great and the bridges gave better convenience to visitors because it would really be a hassle if you need to ride on a boat to get to the other islets. Hahahaha! And the entrance fee for walk-ins is cheaper than I thought! How about the rooms? What’s the price range?

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