Tips: Things to avoid when trying to be Romantic


First and foremost, I would like to make a little introduction to tell people that this is not written in order to discourage you guys not to be sweet but just an enlightenment for you guys to think of a more effective and creative way to be sweet. Capish?

Okay let’s start, shall we?

Flowers in Book Pages

Of course I will start with what motivated me into writing this guide-slash-not-to-do-list-slash-to-do-list and that is the flower in the book pages. This is actually very tricky and it could go wrong in more ways than you think.

Don’t (and by don’t I mean never ever) put a living flower in a book. Living flower means freshly-picked or with all its green (or whatever color it has) in tact. If you ever put this and it happen that its her book, you are more to be doomed than to be appreciated. Reason? The flower’s fluid will ruin the pages of the book and if this gal loves her book more than you at the moment (ex. you’re still a suitor then you can kiss your chances goodbye or it will be cut in half for just being purely stupid). Luckily, I learned this by ruining my own book and not someone else’s. So yeah, I know l’m loved by the universe at that time and I wish the universe will do the same to you too.

On the brighter side, if you really want to make this work like that of a movie then let the flower dry up first and put it in the book or place it inside a plastic before putting it in the book. I personally prefer the first one since it is more secure and you are certain of the dry up flower being at its best presentation.

Back Ear Whisper

Ohh! Geez~! I know what you’re thinking. You think it’s sexy, right? You think its intimate and cute and lovely and warm? Well, I bet you’ll think otherwise once you feel her elbow in your gut and you seem like you forget how to breathe.

You see, people have what we call defense mechanism. And even if we mean it or not, sometimes we just can’t control it and (sh)it just happens. But the thing is, we are usually (if not always) insensitive people and we just go with what we thought was okay even if it might scare or surprise people. So just go, experience a slap or punch. It’s your life anyway.

Unplanned Dates

Unlike most movies where the he and she will just go somewhere without even planning anything and still ends up with a fancy memory to remember, it is not always like that in real life. As much as I like spontaneous date, not everybody is up for it.

And trust me, the last thing you’d want to happen in a date is to argue where to eat or where to go and “I don’t know” or “You pick” usually backfires (even if you mean it).

Playing Hard-to-Get

Playing hard-to-get results to more self-destruction than success. And by not playing hard-to-get, I didn’t mean you should go along with everything they say but I’m saying if you want something, you should tell them or honestly admit it.

Though playing hard-to-get seems cute on the outside, it really is a mind game that suffocates the people around you. I don’t exactly believe in mind readers but if they really are true, not everyone is one. So please just quit it if you want a meaning and successful bond with someone. Seriously, I mean it.

Surprises that involves a Huge Crowd

Now this is also quite tricky. Though one usually (take note of the word usually) likes surprises, not everyone is quite prepared for big (also take note of the word big or huge or especially) surprises especially if it involves a huge crowd.

You should know that there are a lot of people who are not comfortable being in a huge crowd because it usually triggers their anxiety. And the last thing you’d want that special someone to feel is to be scared. Not to mention that it will greatly affect their possible decisions or answers if they are required to do one or make one due the the crowd’s pressure.

To sum it up, big surprises isn’t really necessary unless if you are quite positive that the one in the pedestal is quite comfortable with it. Remember that the important thing about surprises is the thought and not the size.

Faking the Smug Guy Act

Unless it is one of your main trait already, don’t ever try to fake it. Faking it will just make you look stupid. Unlike things like a shoes or a watch, people can easily differentiate an authentic smug guy and a copycat and don’t be that copycat. To be honest, don’t be a smug guy at all. There might be some point where some might find it sexy but only a few can pull it off.

I still have like a lot of things to say but I think this one is long enough to be seen after three scroll downs. Hahahaha! So that’s it for now. It could be useful to some of you.


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