Tuburan Adventures: Marmol Cliff and Lantawan Tunnel


You can’t really say that it is already a new year until you experience your first “laag” and meet new friends. My 2017 started by exploring the north-eastern part of Cebu which is Tuburan. These are my new gang when I explored Tuburan. Meet my new friends (arranged according to the photo) RJ, Hanna, AJ,  Me (lol), Bernadette and Lyn. Credits to Bernadette for this group photo. Hehe!

Marmol Cliff

Our first destination is the Marmol Cliff. It is quite a journey away from the main road as you need to ride a motor taxi (habal-habal) and cross at least 9 shallow rivers or more to get there. The trip towards Marmol Cliff is very challenging and bumpy yet fun. In all my life where I crossed several rivers already, I never thought a motorcycle could cross rivers that are almost at the level between knees and ankles. It is both scary and exciting at the same time.

Our Rides


This is when we arrive at the Marmol Cliff.

Marmol Cliff is actually just cliffs along the river sides. I never heard of it before but I thought it was something more special than just how I described it. I even wished to describe it more than that but it is EXACTLY just like that. Hahaha! Nonetheless, the place (specifically the cliffs) are breathtaking. There is also a deep part of the river that you need to cross but it is not really that far so need to cross it through a bamboo raft.

While everyone else are so busy taking pictures and doing the things they need to do for their blogs, I was thinking of something to spice up our stay. I took the challenge and crawled-slash-rock-climbed my way up through the cliffs. Hahaha! When I was already halfway through, they noticed what I did and asked where I started to get there. In the end, Johanna, Lyn and RJ also took the challenge and climbed the cliffs. It definitely spiced up our stay. Hahahaha!

The Struggle is Real







Ang buhay ay parang isang malaking Quiapo. Kung di ka kabalog saka, tig picture nalang ka. Hahaha!


Goal! Achievement Unlocked! Here I come Instagram! 

Lantawan Tunnel


Next stop after another challenging trip back from Marmol Cliff is the Lantawan Tunnel. It is found in Lantawan Resort which sadly is not that enticing anymore. It is not well maintained but it is still operational however I think they will be closing soon. The same goes with the tunnel itself. It was disappointed as I was looking forward to something very interesting like a long dark pathway with bats and stuffs because it wasn’t called a tunnel for no reason. Hahahaha!

Resort Grounds



To get to the tunnel, you need to go to the back of the resort around the creek area then go through a tiny hole entrance. It was actually just more of just a hole in the ground than tunnel. The stairs that should be used to go up inside the tunnel is already worn out. The only way to get in and out of the tunnel is through that tiny hole.

Hole Entrance


It is indeed a quite disappointing visit because I was having high hopes for the tunnel.  Luckily, the creek area offers a very instagram-friendly view with waters that seems to be same like that of some energy drink. It was not blue, it was not green either. It’s like a mixture of both blue and green that makes it even more interesting. The mangrove around the area adds that dramatic spice of the view as well. There was also this one pole that was placed very strategically at the center of the creek, it was as if they already know that we will be taking pictures here so the locals made a very dramatic setup. Hahaha! And without further ado, here are the entries for the most dramatic instagram photo at Lantawan Resort. LOL!

And that concludes our adventure in Tuburan. We actually went to Molobolo Spring but I spent my time sleeping on their huts there so I don’t have anything to say. Lol

Do you have any other suggest for a place that I should visit? Leave some comments below.

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